Corporate Board

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminars of New York Inc. 2020-2021 Corporate Board Members

  • Corporate Board President: Anthony Falvo

  • Vice President: Melissa Maxwell

  • Secretary: Julie Wiegandt

  • Treasurer: Ron Vero

  • Director of CLeWs: Vacant

  • At- Large Director: Rory Burill

  • At-Large Director: Shelley Laviana

  • At-Large Director: Anum Hussain

  • At-Large Director: Amber Lingenfelter

  • At-Large Director: John Swartwout

  • Seminar Co-Chair (NY East): Amanda Walshjamin

  • Alumni Advisor (NY East): Cody McIneny Ingraham

  • Site Director (NY East): Connor Douglas

  • Site Director (NY East): Ryan McCormick

  • Seminar Chair (NY Central): Kein Trease

  • Site Director (NY Central): Nichole Scholl

  • Seminar Co-Chair (NY West): Melissa Maxwell

  • Seminar Co-Chair (NY West): Christina Mortellaro

  • Alumni Advisor (NY West): Felicia Cecere

  • Seminar Chair (NY Metro): Sixto Arias

  • Alumni Advisor (NY Metro): Anthony Giambrone

  • Site Director (NY Metro): Daniele Baierlein

  • Site Director (NY Metro): Max Keston

If you are interested in becoming a member of the HOBY New York Corporate Board of Directors,

please contact Anthony Falvo, Corporate Board President.

HOBY New York Mailing Address:

9 Hillcrest Rd.

Latham NY 12110